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based in Santa Barbara, California.

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Why Hire Rincon?

We're different than most political consulting agencies by design.  Our approach, experience and values make us unique.
A consistent approach to winning campaigns

Our consistent approach means no stone is left unturned and a full 360-degree view of your campaign drives decision making. Our agency's tested systems in place ensure that every detail is processed and considered in ensuring victory.

Experience working on tough races 

California is a tough place for a center-right candidate. Our team has cut our teeth working on uphill battles and winning. It takes a different way of thinking, strong messaging, and the right mechanics to get across the finish line under extreme circumstances, and we've done it. We take that experience into every campaign we support.

Driven by our core principles

Politics can be a messy business. It is more than just following the law, it is about having a strong compass to guide you along the way. We're committed to doing the right thing, every time.  Our process is transparent, our vendor pricing is open, and we keep our word.