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CASE STUDY: Listen, Analyze, Engage & Mobilize to get Results for our Clients


​Mobilize community support for a commercial development in Oxnard, CA to overturn a denial by the Planning Commission.

CARDIFF Development Partners submitted plans for a 2.5-acre project that included six retails spaces and a church. In a deal that would benefit the Oxnard community, CARDIFF was to build the church using funds from the sale of the land for retail. Unfortunately, a proposed 7-Eleven convenience store in the project caused a stir with the neighbors and was denied at the planning commission.

Rincon Strategies did a deep-dive into the community to determine the major concerns regarding the project that needed to be addressed.

Using the aforementioned information, Rincon Strategies developed targeted messages for each member of the city council based on each member ’s specific community concerns.

With target messages having been crafted, Rincon Strategies recruited key messengers to express their support for the project. These included members of the propose church, local business owners and neighbors of the project.

Rincon Strategies mobilized supporters to submit letters to each council members – expressing support for the project, detailing the project benefits for the surrounding neighborhood & community. Speakers were also activated to speak on behalf of the project at the time of the City Council meeting in which the project was voted on.


CARDIFF’s project passed the Oxnard City Council, overturning the Planning Commission denial by a 4-1 vote.