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CASE STUDY: Listen, Analyze, Engage & Mobilize to get Results for our Clients


Develop the Coastal Energy Alliance from the ground up to help organize business and labor components involved in the regional energy sector.

Rincon Strategies started by developing an understanding of the Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Through monitoring the local landscape, the CEA became a key local source for information about upcoming issues and events related to the energy economy.

CEA developed targeted messages specific to projects and hearings to advocate on fact, not emotion, and provide policymakers with critical information related to the energy conversation.

With specifically crafted & targeted messages, CEA paired messages with the right messengers. To accomplish this, the CEA conducted regular outreach meetings and events to recruit new members to be a part of the process. Members came from a diverse background of industry workers, small business owners, business organizations, non-profits, community members, and ordinary citizens who were aligned with our mission.

The CEA mobilizes its members to speak at hearings, submit testimonials to government agencies and hearings, and write letters-to-the-editor and other engagements tools to ultimately deliver local energy industry messages to illustrate the industry’s importance to Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.


The CEA has raised the profile of energy projects as a vital to the creation of good local jobs, generator of tax revenue, and supporter of civic organizations.