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CASE STUDY: Listen, Analyze, Engage & Mobilize to get Results for our Clients


Build and engage community support for the Andora Estates residential development in the Chatsworth, in the City of Los Angeles.

DB Companies purchased 90 acres of land zoned for housing in the Chatsworth area. After multiple meetings with the community and the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council, DB Companies created a plan to develop 33 homes and donate over 85 acres to the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy to be protected as open space. Despite DB Companies efforts to work with the Chatsworth community, some opposition mobilized against the development.

Rincon Strategies began by attending Chatsworth Neighborhood Council Meetings and listened to the concerns about the project. Rincon Strategies then met with local stakeholders, community organizations, and other key community leaders.

In order gain approval from the Los Angeles Planning and PLUM Committees; Rincon Strategies decided that it would need to highlight the Open Space donation to the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, as well as economic benefit for local Chatsworth construction jobs.

Rincon Strategies created targeted messages to educate the public on the proposed development and recruit key individuals to support the project. RINCON’s final coalition consisted of non-profit leaders, surrounding neighbors, environmentalists, and business owners in the Chatsworth and San Fernando Valley areas.

Rincon Strategies mobilized its coalition to write letters of support for the Andora Estates project and also activated members to speak at the Planning and PLUM (Planning Land Use and Management) Commission hearing. At the scheduled hearing, RINCON’s strategic messaging highlighted the community, economic, and environmental benefits of the proposed project, which outweighed the opposition’s message.

The Andora Estates project passed both the City of Los Angeles Planning and PLUM (Planning Land Use and Management) Committee by a unanimous 5-0 vote and was ultimately approved by the Los Angeles City Council.