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based in Santa Barbara, California.

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A Record of Winning

Rincon has a long history of winning tough political campaigns for pro-business candidates across the West.

We've been there and won big.

Unseating entrenched, long-term incumbents

Electing Republicans in a Democrat-majority districts

Winning Ballot Measures facing early uphill polling

Executing winning Party Committee campaigns


Past & Current Clients*

We've supported races in markets across California in the toughest environment for pro-business candidates.


David Couch, Kern County Supervisor 2016, 2018

Laurene Weste, Santa Clarita City Council, 2014, 2018

Marsha McLean, Santa Clarita City Council, 2018

Ryan Hutchins, Rancho Cucamonga City Council 2018

Dr. Kuldip Thusu for Dinuba City Council, 2014, 2018

Ken Coates, Montecito Water District 2018

Brian Gobel, Montecito Water District 2018

Cori Hayman, Montecito Water District 2018

Woody Barrett, Montecito Sanitary District 2018

Dana Newquist, Montecito Sanitary District 2018

Kelly Long, Ventura County Supervisor 2016

Tony Trembley for Camarillo City Council 2016

Jackie Moran for Ventura Unified School Board, 2016

Randy Rowse, Santa Barbara City Council, 2011, 2015

Roger Aceves, Santa Barbara County Supervisor, 2014

Mike Singleton, Galt City Council 2014

Mark Crews, Galt City Council 2014

Marylou Powers, Galt City Council 2014

John Andersen, Conejo Valley School Board, 2014

Barry Steinhardt, Las Virgines Water District 2010, 2014

Frank Hotchkiss, Santa Barbara City Council 2013

Lesley Wiscomb, Santa Barbara City Council 2013

Rick Neal, Fillmore City Council 2012

Manuel Minarjes, Fillmore City Council 2012

Doug Tucker, Fillmore City Council 2012

Fred Robinson for Santa Paula City Council, 2012

Jim Tovias for Santa Paula City Council, 2012

Dale Francisco, Santa Barbara City Council 2011

Michael Self, Santa Barbara City Council 2011

Mark Lunn, Ventura County Clerk-Recorder, 2010

Steven Hintz, Ventura County Treasurer-Tax Collector, 2010


Inland Empire Taxpayers Association

Ventura County Taxpayers Association

Oxnard Chamber of Commerce PAC

Coalition for Santa Barbara's Future

California Republican Party

CA Republican County Chairmen's Assn.

CAGOP Treasurer Mike Osborn

Republican National Convention

Fresno County Republican Party 

Republican Party of Los Angeles County

Ventura County Republican Party

Santa Barbara County Republican Party

Young Republican National Federation

California Young Republican Federation

Ventura County Young Republicans


No on Measure M: Port Hueneme

Yes on Measure F: Santa Paula

Yes on Measure G: Fresno

Yes on Measure S: Santa Clarita 

*Partial List