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CASE STUDY: Listen, Analyze, Engage & Mobilize to get Results for our Clients


Develop and conduct a community outreach strategy for LSSI as they expanded their services to various cities including Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and Camarillo.

Library Systems & Services, Inc. is a Maryland-based firm with an expertise in operating libraries. They have excelled in working with public agencies to find more efficient ways to run operations through public-private partnerships, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars and improving local services. Initially, LSSI had existing services in the City of Moorpark and wanted to expand its footprint to surrounding cites in the region.

RINCON did a deep-dive into each city, determining the opinion leaders and the key stakeholders from each city, understanding that each city requires a specific knowledge of how decision makers in each city can be moved in favor of the desired outcomes.

Understanding what issues and concerns are in each city, RINCON developed an engagement plan for each city and determined which potential support groups exist and can be activated in support of LSSI’s efforts.

Through targeted outreach, RINCON engaged with local support networks, opinion leaders and council members in order to explain program benefits to the community, taxpayers, and the individual cities.

Efforts were in the face of significant opposition – labor groups, whose contracts would change as a result of LSSI’s program, brought buses full of supporters to meetings to influence council members.


RINCON’s targeted engagement strategy was ultimately successful. LSSI won contracts before city council in Camarillo, Simi Valley and Santa Clarita.