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A Proven Record of Delivering Results

We've worked with leading brands to create success on high-stakes projects at the intersection of business & politics.

*Partial List

Case Studies: Winning for our Clients

Oakmont Senior Living Development

Develop and execute a community relations strategy to grow support for the project in order to correct information circulated by  project opponents. 

Cardiff Retail


Engaging neighbors, building project media and developing a coalition to support a new project in Oxnard.

Coastal Energy Alliance Coalition Building

Develop the Coastal Energy Alliance from the ground up to help organize business and labor components involved in the regional energy sector.

LSSI Community

Coalition Building

Educating public stakeholders about library services run through LSSI, giving more program dollars and book budgets to cities.

DB Builders


Engage community support from the Neighborhood Council, residents and businesses for the Andora Estates residential development in the City of Los Angeles.

Starbucks Development Project

Community engagement projects surrounding a new Starbucks in Santa Barbara County.