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CASE STUDY: Listen, Analyze, Engage & Mobilize to get Results for our Clients


Develop and coordinate an engagement campaign to show support to Santa Barbara County Planning Commissioners to approve a drive-thru Starbucks in the unincorporated area outside of Goleta. 

Rincon Strategies did a deep-dive into the community and the Planning Commission to better understand the needs and concerns playing in to the project. It was discovered that there was a similar drive-thru project in Santa Maria that was being compared to Starbucks project, citing emissions and NIMBY concerns.

Targeted messages were developed to counter the concerns of the Planning Commission. Rincon Strategies planned to engage a support coalition of community members and small business owners from within several miles of the project to counter NIMBY concerns.

Through existing contacts and relationships, Rincon Strategies scheduled meetings with local residents to build a coalition of support. 

Through targeted outreach, RINCON engaged with local support networks, opinion leaders and council members in order to explain program benefits to the community, taxpayers, and the individual cities.

With targeted messages, supporters turned out to express support at the planning commission, countering the planning commission concerns and representing future generations that will live in the local community. 


In the end, the project was approved, citing many of the reasons brought forth through the coalition of support – filling the vacant lot, good fit for the community, and the project exceeded county requirements.